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The Williams Model 4

Left: 1901 Right: 1905 I guess I would consider this an extended version of the Williams article, focused on two repair jobs for the Model 4.  My lack of organizational skills have decreed "continuity begone."  Try not to hold it against me despite it being entirely my fault.  A few things may repeat, but largely this should focus on the 4, rather than the company history which I shall link here. An original advertisement scan The Model 4 was introduced in 1900, and advertised with the most beautiful of sales manuals.  Red leatherette, lettered in gold leaf, and it outline some of the massive mechanical improvements undertaken to make this machine that much better than the Models 1 through 3.  While the most obvious changes occurred to the keyboard, opting for four banks rather than three, the most user noticable change was to the carriage and escapement.  The new model 4 featured a direct geared mainspring, a rotary escapement, and a much improved line space mechanism.  This