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1895 Williams 1

I can't believe I finally have one Taken on my Nikon F3, pushed kodak Ektar The Williams has always been personally regarded as one of the most beautiful typewriters ever made.  Not too long after I first got into typewriters, I unlocked the world of pre-1900 machines, and was never the same.  It wasn't long after owning my very first machine, a 1930s Royal Model 10, that I came across what I regarded to be the best typewriter ever made.  The 1930 Royal Portable.   I had seen hundreds of machines, but something about that one in particular called itself out to me, and I never thought I'd find better.  I first saw the Williams typewriter in a news video discussing the collection of Martin Howard, I remember thinking to myself, "damn, wouldn't it be amazing to own that machine?"  Martin's description troubled me though, as he mentioned that it was one of the rarest of rare machines, and that equated a hefty price tag.  But the r