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1930 Royal Model 10

  I picked this machine up from the client about a week ago.  When I first got it, I thought it looked amazing, even the decals retained their original gold lettering which is something that tends to wear away.  This particular machine was one of the last carriage shift models, and as such, is more mechanically simple on the inside.  I didn't see the main points of damage until I got around to diagnosing the issue, which for this machine was fall damage.  The two carriage side brackets were both bent in a zig-zag, causing the carriage to bind along the tabulator bar.  In addition to this, several of the bolts and screws had completely sheered in half, threads separated from the heads and shafts.   In fixing damage like this, the first thing to do is take it all apart, and indeed that is what I did.  I began by removing all the rear elements of the carriage, the bearing rod, the tab bar, the margin bar, the paper table, as well as all the trays and rubber rollers. The bends in the m