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1937 Underwood 6: the Heirloom Project

In 1937, this machine was purchased brand new by a man who needed to write.  The Underwood 6 was a follow up model to the 5, which is etched into typewriter history as one of the greats.  The 6 is virtually the same machine, with an indented and textured front plate, textured side plates, and a textured paper table.  In subsequent years, the machine pictured barely survived a house fire and a flood which left the machine smoke damaged, and completely solidified with rust.  The restoration process to get it working again required a complete tear down and cleaning, leaving the machine working, but still looking like a piece of history.  The current owner of the machine is an author—the granddaughter of the original owner.   The carriage was the first to come off, entire thing was frozen with rust  More rust  More was bad.. The left knob was so frozen up that it had to be the one part I couldn’t fix.         The platen end caps were mad