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1906-8 Hammond 12

The Hammond 12 was debuted in 1904 at the Louisiana Purchase Exposition.  James Hammond's machines had been considered technological marvels a few years back, beating out other prominent manufacturers such as Remington.  The introduction of the number 12 only served to propel Hammond's reputation as a mechanical genius further and further.  The number 12 on it's own was an updated version of the number 2.  It came with both an ideal and a universal keyboard, the one I have here being universal.  The two major things that this machine improved from the number 2 was the introduction of a ribbon vibrator (which kinda works) to increase type visibility, and the addition of a two color lock.  This two color lock allowed the user, for the first time on a Hammond typewriter, to type with a bichrome ribbon.  Hammond called this little leaver, the "Polychrome Ribbon Attachment."  Early number 12's came with four rubber type heads on the hammer, but the machine I hav