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First time using C-41

Never developed C41 before, I’ll admit I was intimidated to begin with.  It’s actually quite straightforward.  So I’ll cut to the chase.  I purchased the Unicolor C41 2-liter kit.  I gathered three liter containers and a gram scale, and cut all the powders in half.  Exactly in half.  I took hot water from the faucet, within 5 degrees of the target temperature and mixed everything up.  Things spilled, things got cold, things happen.  It’s okay, as soon as they’re mixed they’re on a highway to hell.  They won’t last long enough to be anal over. After that, I loaded a roll of Ektar 100 and things got dicey.  I broke my UV filter and replaced it with a faint magenta 1a filter, I dropped the tank and exposed the finished roll, and I dumped chemicals everywhere.  Roll one was a bust.         Not to mention the fact that the developer was eating away my storage carton.  Okay, so I had a major disaster.  Several, actually.  I pulled together a roll of XP2 on my Nikon L

Black and White

This afternoon, I realized that it had been a very long time since I last posted.  Sometimes things get busy, and other things get forgotten.  I don’t like it when that happens. I took the above photo at the Milwaukee art museum a couple weeks ago.  I shot it on my Nikon F3, with a fresh roll of Ilford HP5.  The geese just happened to fly by as we drove past, taking flight in front of a building designed to look like a bird in flight.  Just happened to snap it...just happened to.  125 of a second, stuck out to me.  Just fast enough to freeze them. It always amazed me how many photos are down to nothing more than happenstance. And of course, a lovely photo of a typewriter just to fit the blog.  Took this one with Kodak Tri-X.  Somewhat less grainy, somewhat sharper at times...could never make up my mind between the two.  Go find out for yourself on that one! And lastly, this beautiful macro shot of a snowflake, taken digitally actually.  Freezing cold when I took it,