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The famed 1936 Animal Key Smith Corona Standard Portable Flattop

Yeah, that title is a MOUTHFULL.  It has been forever since I have updated this blog.  I know, I know, consistency is key.  Key for what?  Becoming a somewhat successful blogger, not that that's my goal, but this outlet does help support my business.  Anyway, for those of you who are unaware of the existence of this magnificent typewriter, allow me to illuminate you. The animal key Corona was introduced in the 1930s by the LC Smith and Corona company.  It was offered across three base model portable typewriters for an added premium price of around $2.49.  The idea behind the machine was to encourage children to learn to type.  It was the hopes of the company that these colorful and frankly adorable little animals would help "guide young fingers" or something, as they put it.  In reality, the only thing people were guided to do was not to purchase the machine.  The added premium price was just too much to justify for a machine meant for a child during the Great Depression,