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coverting to cursive

Above you might be able to notice that those key legends are not original to a 1927 Royal Model P, and you would be right.  So here's the catch, I received a broken down corona electra in script, and decided to resolder all the type slugs on my model P for the first ever one and only cursive royal portable. So what's the quick and snappy rundown on how the hell I did this?  Prepare to burn yourself...many times. First things first, measure.  Standard pica stands 2/16ths inches tall.  Standard script, at its tallest, is nearly 2/8ths. One eighth larger than most royal slugs. As it turns out, the diameter of the royal platen is slightly larger than the 5 series corona, so the switch was geared to work out fine.   the Corona Using a handheld blowtorch (made by Jobon and powered by butane) I was able to very quickly remove the script slugs from the electric machine. After that, I stripp