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Parts machines and the 1929 Remington 3

Beautiful machine isn’t it?  I thought so too.  The paint In that lovely 2 tone red caught my eye.  It was an eBay auction I scored for $50.  Nobody bid on it because it was a rusty pile of garbage.  So here’s another short and sweet post full of BTS photos on how I got this thing working again. One of my only before shots  Grime and dirt, all frozen up  Of course, the first thing I did with this machine was strip and polish the body panels.  I was very eager to see how these colors shined up, and I was not disappointed.  The paint was virtually mint.  The body is very easy to remove on these machines, you just need to watch for the shift disengage pin threaded through the back.  Make sure you remember how it sits, and remove it by undoing the knob at the rear.  When you slide the machine out of the lower shell, two of the rear screws will undo a horizontal support rod.  Don’t forget to put that back In place. Platen rod exits the LEFT All of the r