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making a pin-hole lens

A long long time ago, cameras utilized what we call a pin-hole lens.  This was a close fitting lens without glass or plastic, but rather a tiny pin-pricked hole.  There's a lot of careful math involved to create a good focal length and diameter, but I dislike math so I disregarded it entirely.  I was initially inspired by my impatience to get a lens for a Nikon F3HP that I recently purchased, and wanted to see what quick alternatives there were.  So, with my Canon DSLR as a test subject, I decided to try my hand at making a pinhole lens for fun. I initially started off by tracing the lens cap on some scrap paper, and used it to cut a small disk of aluminum.  Then, I wasted a ton of time looking for my misplaced calipers and ended up having to use this ancient piece of trash. With that done, I went ahead and center-punched/drilled a hole at the center point i marked out. Along with my misplaced calipers, was some misplaced foam, so I used a circle of white l