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The nice thing about all metal typewriters, is the fact that I can put magnets on them.  Like this Snoopy picture I drew.  I have also found out that magnetic legos can be used as a sort of office caddy.  Not like I’d use it myself, but the option still stands.  They’re quite strong.   Very strong...


Well, here's one of my ideas.  Me and a buddy are going to open up an etsy shop sometime mid July.  We'll be buying and selling, and repairing. And that's that.  Trash into Cash, right?  Got our sights on two early Underwood 5's, a Remington Super Speed, and a 5, as well as a 2 Royal KMMs an Underwood SX, and a L.C.Smith.

April 15

This photograph was taken in April of 1912, the photograph itself was one of numerous copies printed in early May of the same year.  I’m a lucky individual to have such a nice copy of it.  It shows wear, but it is over 100 years old. The Titanic disaster was perhaps the most infamous marintime disaster in human history.  The Unsinkable ship strikes an Iceberg off Newfoundland and sinks, killing over a thousand people. A lot of people have speculated over the years, about whether or not this really was an accident.  From sub-quality rivets, to a plot by J. P. Morgan.  The second, being the most interesting.  Morgan owned white star line, and the Titanic.  When the Titanic’s sister ship struck another vessel in September 1912, the company lost a lot of money.  Repairs, lost tickets on the liner, and the Titanic’s sail date was moved up to April costing them further tickets.  Not to mention the fact that Morgan’s investments in Nikola Tesla’s electricity were being ignored in fa

Best kind of keyboard

I thoght it would be fitting to compare and contrast the two most commonly used types of keyboards. The 84 character standard keyboard, and the 88 character keyboard.  The 84 character keyboard is composed of 42 keys and a shift key. The shift key allows the user to use a secondary character per each key, whether it be a circumflex or a capital letter.  The 88 character keyboard is composed of 88 keys laid out in a simple and easy to follow pattern.  Groups of capital keys, and groups of lowercase keys. The 42, and (a section) of the 88 I would like to begin by talking about the 42 character keyboard, as it’s the most familiar.  The action on these keyboards is generally very smooth, however it is difficult to type multiple characters at once to achieve things like “æ” or “œ”.  The rounded tops with the raised chrome ring offer a comfortable fit for the tip of the finger, and the compact layout allows you to reach any key with m inimal movement. As for the 88 character