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1956 Royal Quiet Deluxe

 It has been quite a while since I last wrote an article here.  To be honest, I was mostly being lazy.  My workshop has been flooded with repairs up the wazoo and I haven't had the time I'd like to document them.  A lot of them were videotaped and edited for social media use, but for some reason, the easier aspect of taking simple photos eluded me.  But this typewriter in particular, this beautiful red royal, had to be written about. It came from a client downtown, his Uncle painted it a wonderful deep red with silver flecks visible in the right light.  Truly stunning, though it's trip down to the suburbs in a duffel bag on a motorcycle damaged some of the paint and broke the paper release leaver off.  Not terribly hard to fix for the leaver, but the paint couldn't be fixed. For the most part, it was in well working condition, but the bane of most of my work was also handed over: the bag of parts.  Indeed after the machine was repainted, a plethora of miscellaneous part