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1957 Olympia SG1

  This is the Olympia SG1, what many consider to be one of the greatest typewriters ever made.  And it isn't hard to see why.  Olympia spared no expense in the bells and whistles department.  I had wanted one for myself for quite a while, probably back when I only owned one or two machines.  I never got one, they're heavy and shipping is quite expensive.  Providence shined down on me last week when a fellow collector offered me the near entirety of his collection for free!  I took it graciously, and when I saw the SG1 among the ranks I was thoroughly excited. There's that SG, might also keep the green SM3, we will see. I had an olympia once before, it was a grey SM3 that I loved.  It was a little too loud for my taste, and though smooth it was more high strung on the key action.  But it typed finer and neater than any other machine I had ever owned, and I was itching to get my hands on another ever since.  This SG1 ticked all my boxes, and some I didn't even know I had.