1941 Corona Comet Deluxe

This machine was another repair job.  When I got it, it looked pretty decent, but it was 100% frozen.  The simple act of trying to get a key moving would disconnect the clevis linkages underneath.  That was also a pain to fix, as several had already been disconnected.

My first order of business was to remove the platen and paper tray.  In this case, there is no quick release.  The right knob has to be removed entirely, note that there is a divot in the platen rod that the set screw fits into.  The two screws on the right hand side of the platen also come out.  On the other side, the left knob is pulled (ratchet detent) and pulled more (ratchet disassembly) and comes off with the entire platen rod.  I cleaned and polished both knobs and the platen rod.  Beware the two spring clips that work the detent.  They are inserted long end first into the body of the platen, and kind of just sit there.  There’s a spring wire holding them in.  So remove the roller slowly!  The ratchet assembly stays with the frame, and the paper tray lifts easily out the front.  No screws to worry about here.  Just watch the paper fingers.

The body is removed like most Coronas, and I cleaned this with soapy water and a brush.  No sound deadening to worry about.  Simple smooth sailing.  Also note that this model has no color selector.  Use an all black ribbon and flip it over when it’s done.  Get two uses out of it.

The segment, I was afraid, needed to be disassembled.  I believe I have been able to circumvent that with a quart and a half of both mineral spirits and denatured alcohol.  Seems as though someone was a bit heavy handed with the machine grease, as a liberal amount coated all surfaces.  

I mean, once it was done it was done.  I put it back together, every piece polished and cleaned, and it typed like a dream.  (A loud dream).   Very fast, and very responsive.




I really love how easily this comes out. 



  1. Gorgeous. How'd you get those keys to gleam brand new?

    1. Not much! I just wiped them off. They already looked amazing.


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