A Brief Introduction to Insanity

I'll cut right to the chase for those of you who came here for work to be done.
Quote Prices for typewriter repair and restoration work vary. 
- Initial Diagnostic $20.00 - Internal Deep Cleaning (includes the following) $40.00 Body Polish and cleantype slug cleaningNew Ribbon, either bichrome or solid blackShift alignment adjustmentsNO REPAIRS- Drawband replacement $15.00 - Feed roller recovering $20.00 ($10 with deep clean) - New inked ribbons (bichrome or solid) $3.00 - Disassembly of type segment and typebar cleaning $40.00
Estimates for mechanical repairs will be given to the best of my ability, with the understanding that certain issues mat not become apparent until some of the work has already been completed.  The client will be notified immediately when an issue has arisen, and we will discus how to best proceed.  Please understand that prices for repairs are not set in stone and are subject to changes.
Repair charges include: cost of replacement parts (includes feet/decals)cost of…

A Comprehensive History of the Royal Model P

A number of years ago, I was perusing the Internet and looking at old typewriters.  I had been writing fiction for a while and was enjoying it a lot, and wanted to look into typewriters as I had seen one a couple days ago at a local antique shop.  I stumbled across a blog titled "Machines of Loving Grace," and saw two Royal Model Ps.  One in duotone red, and the other in duotone green.  I remembered from that moment on I knew I had to get my hands on one of them.  I'll skip all the lame details, because that isn't what I want to spend time talking about.  I want to discuss the history of the machine, and it's impact on the typewriter industry as a whole.  There are too few articles on the Internet, too few resources on typewriters, and I among many others wish to expand the available amount of knowledge.  So I'll present to you, a project a long time in the making, to the best of my poor grammatical ability, a Concise History of the Model P.

The Image I Saw …