1938 Corona Silent (2s)

Manufactured very early 1938, must’ve been one of the very first few off the line.  This machine was another repair job for a large collector.  It came in beautiful shape, albeit very dirty.  My task was just to clean it up.  The paint on the machine was a gorgeous maroon, and there was not a single scratch or paint chip.  I have never handled a more immaculate machine.  
Mechanically it was fine, it just needed a lot of cleaning.  My first order of business was to remove the platen and paper table, as well as the body.  The body came off like most corona typewriters.  The platen was a little different.  On the right side, it has a little slider over the knob that lets you lift it out, and on the left, there’s a leaver that lets you remove the entire left knob.  After that it’s smooth sailing.  Also standard for corona was the two screws holding down the paper tray.  Both accessible from the underside of the carriage.

Once the body was off, the rest was history.  There were no major hiccups, just another routine day.  I will share some lovely photos though, and I must say, this is the quietest machine I have ever used in both the return, the type, and the action.


Right platen clutch 

Left knob removal 

Cleaned the bell 


Paper guide 

So shiny :) 

Spring clip tab stops. 

Took this one on the Nikon F3, pushing Kodak Ektar 100 to 400

S/N 2s 62569


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