Turtle Wax on Typewriters

I have heard of many people using auto wax on their machines to give them a nicer finish.  Thought it would be a good idea to try, given the fact that my typewriters look like they survived an apocalypse.  Went to the store this weekend to pick up a tub of turtle wax.  It had an interesting consistency, akin to half-turned butter, and it smelt like fruit cool-aid.  Against my better judgment, I tasted it.  Don’t do that.
One might say that I’ve been “blessed” with many eccentricities...perhaps that’s the reason my social circle is more of a social point (mathematically speaking) or a social singularity if that makes sense.
Anyways, moving on from my carnal desire to see what auto wax tastes like....
I also removed all the main body panels on my Royal 10, and Portable Model.  Panic gripped me momentarily as I discovered that I had misplaced the tiny pin that holds in the margin release key. I did find it eventually, it helped to put on my glasses.  It was them rub, buff, and repeat.  A few of the duller areas required some additional coats, but for the most part, the black enamel shone to an almost mirror-like finish.  The wax had similar results on the red painted portable machine, but it didn’t leave the surface feeling quite so silky smooth.

It’s difficult to photograph certain surfaces to capture the different ways light bounces back.  I did my best with the photos below, though regret not taking more “before” shots.

Side by side.  Left is in-waxed, right is waxed.

So shiny, too bad you can’t see it.

Never  used to be able to see the reflection of the keys before.

Photo from my instagram.  Has nothing to do with waxing, I just liked it.

Waxed up front, not in back 


  1. I've also had good results with Turtle Wax. You can even use it to remove light dirt (rub hard with it). The only negative is that it can accumulate in some kinds of crevices and it's noticeable due to its green color.

    1. I'll have too keep an eye out for that, thanks


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